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BUILDITUP building supplies long-standing relationship with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and importers makes us sell volumes of product and we are able to pass the benefits of our purchasing power along to customers. BUILDITUP has grown from a door only supplier to become the leading provider of high-quality building supplies, furniture and advisory on expert job support services.
Our passion for saving builders COST, TIME and WORRY makes us happy to serve our customers right, making them feel relaxed in building their HOMES, OFFICES, or Civil construction works. Builditup offer our customers the most diverse selection of goods and services possible, from top-of-the-shelf products to more budget-friendly options.
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Building Loan


Are you stoked in your building projects because of funds?

We care about your building projects and we understand that building project sometimes might need quick petty cash funding during constructions.

You could access up to TWO MILLION NAIRA LOAN(N2,000,000)


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